Girl with medium light pink glasses, Caucasian skin, light brown flowy hair, hazel eyes, wearing a back t-shirt and has a smile planted on her face.
Founder Olivia Karp

Who is Olivia Karp?

Hello and thank you for stopping by Attention and Action’s official website! My name is Olivia Karp and I am a third year Political science student at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. I was diagnosed with a learning disability in grade one. My learning disability affects my Working Memory which led to difficulties in school.  This type of learning disability impedes learning because  there is less space in the working memory to organize and integrate new skills and knowledge.  Throughout my schooling I have struggled but I did not let that stop me from persevering and eventually  achieving great academic successes.  I defeated the odds with some interventions in my schooling,  discipline, hard work, and drive.  I figured out ways to use my given strengths to assist and overcome my weaknesses. As someone who identifies with a non-visible disability,  I decided that action was needed to be taken to bring attention and awareness to overcome and  defeat  the barriers people with disabilities face around the world. This is what my campaign Attention and Action is about . The campaign is being done through a variety social media channels providing education and relevant content for people of all abilities to check out!

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