How to Create Impact

This page is meant to focus on how you can create impact and be a good ally for the the disability community. The importance of bringing awareness and educating others about the barriers and inequalities people with disabilities face all over the world!

What Does it Mean to Be an Ally for People Living with Disabilities?

To be an ally is to unite oneself with another to promote a common interest. People who are allies are not only helpers, but also have common interests with those they desire to help. To be an ally for people who have disabilities means spreading awareness and supporting the disability community in different ways.

How to be a Good Ally for People Living with Disabilities?

  • Educate yourself and others about disabilities
  • Be part of the disability rights movement
  • Support disability organizations
  • Make places more accessible for people with disabilities
  • Include people who have disabilities in your advocacy and give them the space to share their voice and create change
  • Have people who have disabilities in the conversation
  • Watch your language when talking about disabilities ask a person who has a disability if you are unsure of what words to use

Why is it Important to be an Ally?

It is important to be an ally because you will be part of the ever growing disability rights movement! More people need to speak out, educate and spread awareness. Most important make sure people with disability are included and are part of your advocacy!!


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